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Infinite House

Won in an international open RIBA competition in 2017, The Infinite House is a set of contemporary housing prototypes designed to offer maximum flexibility, customisation and cost efficiency, and to maximise levels of natural light and the perception of space. The external envelope allows it to adapt to suit different contexts, while still maintaining the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of prototyping and serial fabrication.

Internally, the houses can accommodate multiple configurations to suit different demographics. Spaces can be separated or offer open plan living; and all the houses have been designed to enable easy expansion into the roof space.

Externally, the houses can respond to their context, changing densities, colours, cladding materials and even roof dormers. Careful selection of materials will enable the houses to fit in naturally anywhere from rural villages to dense urban areas.

Computer Visualisation: NJY Studio

RIBA Competition website: TW 2020