Thoughts on building - OPENSTUDIO

Architecture both contributes to the sense of place, and enables people to connect to that particular place, to have a heightened experience of what it is to be in that place, in that environment, and in that landscape.


Often, our work appears to be simple, but actually our buildings have a whole series of inflections and layers and nuances within them that become more evident as the buildings are used and inhabited.

We believe in architecture that is resolutely contemporary but also feels timeless. We need to find a balance, so that our buildings still work for people who live in them in 200 years time.

With sustainability there is a lot of talk about technology and how technology can make buildings more sustainable, but we are more interested in longevity, in the things that don’t change, the things that endure; how we can build well with really good materials, materials that wear gracefully; and in buildings that don’t need to be replaced.


There’s a responsibility in building that what we add should not only offer respect for the people who put their time and effort and energy into constructing it; but also to future lives, to the places that we build within and also to the environment.