Fabio Cappello - OPENSTUDIO
Fabio Cappello

Fabio holds a Master in Architecture (with distinction) from the University of Naples in Italy. His M.Arch thesis investigated the re-opening of the “Avellino-Rocchetta” Railway in the south of Italy.

Fabio has an interest in several aspects of architecture; from practice to research, teaching and publications. He has been a tutor for Villard’s International Seminar, adjunct professor at the University of Naples, and has lectured at the Universities of Bozen, Naples, and Genoa. He is co-editor of Chiasmo, a leaflet on Neapolitan architecture, co-founder of Profferlo Architecture, and co-producer of Little Domestic Architectures: an archive of the pandemic period. He is co-curator of the books: “Spontaneous. Do-it-yourself domesticity”, (LIBRIA, 2018) and “LDA a quarantine archive” published in 2021.

Fabio took part in the Unfolding Pavilion at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale and the 2018 Tirana Architecture Week and has collaborated with Domus Magazine, Temporary Office, MilanArchWeek, Tirana Architecture Week and Venice Architecture Biennale.

He has participated in and won several international competitions. He co-designed the “Chim Chim Bench” for the London Festival of Architecture 2020, and co-won the prestigious Italian award “YOUNG ARCHITECTS – IN/ARCHITETTURA 2020”.

In Italy, Fabio worked with his mentor Roberto Serino Architect, on public and private projects.

Before joining Openstudio he worked for three years in an Italian/English practice in London, focusing on private housing.

Fabio’s main research field is the use and transformation of domestic space. He is currently engaged as the project architect on a number of private houses for Openstudio.