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Sunderland Home of 2030: Materials

We invested a lot of time in researching sustainable materials for this project.

Terracotta cladding: The Argeton terracotta ventilating rainscreen cladding system combines the distinctive character of natural terracotta and proven durability and natural beauty of clay and  with a simple support structure.

Slate cladding: The CUPACLAD® slate cladding system combines the natural properties of the elegant material, with the ecological and sustainable benefits that slate can offer, providing a class A1 fire rated, non-combustible and BBA certified system.

Marmoleum floor: Forbo-Flooring‘s biobased floor covering is a completely CO2 neutral material composed of linseed oil, tall oil, wood flour, lime, jute, resin and recycled marmoleum waste. Moreover, the linseed, gum resin, jute and wood flour have a harvest cycle of less than 10 years, and are therefore quickly renewable. Marmoleum becomes stronger over time, making it more durable and, because it lasts for so long and is easy to clean, it has a very low cost of ownership.

Virtu PVT by Naked Energy is a hybrid solar collector that combines solar photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal technology, to generate both electricity and heat from a single solar collector. Unlike solar PV, which generates only electricity, Virtu PVT performs at optimal efficiency by also capturing the sun’s heat energy up to 75°C and delivering zero carbon heat affordably.

Façade Planting system: The Jakob Green Wall system uses a combination of high-quality stainless steel ropes, rods and mesh to create an elegant, robust, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective green ‘living’ wall structure that supports plant growth.